Dream In Glass Studio

In 2022 I will next participate in Lakeville Art Festival, Lakeville, MN September 16-17.
CREATING FUSED ART GLASS ESPECIALLY FOR YOU. I appreciate your interest in the art glass which I have created. This website is a composite of my adventures in creating art glass. There are three categories for you to explore. “Art Looking For A New Home.” These are glass pieces I have created which are currently available for sale. “Art Already In A New Home” are pieces which have been created and sold. “Art Stained Glass In A New Home.” This is stained glass which has been created and sold. I no longer work with stained glass. For your convenience the items in the category for sale are all listed with item numbers for your reference purposes. As you review items be aware, I am as close as an email or telephone call for further information and discussion. I can be reached by email at jamzgang@yahoo.com, rmjamesglass@yahoo.com, www.dreaminglassstudio.com or 952-758-9667. Thank you for your interest and hope to hear from you soon.